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Online Configurator Technology is perfect for your products configuration.

About Configurator Technology

Our product is the best configurator technology on the web


Build your configurator, now!

We believe that the future online sales will no longer be impersonal and one-way. The future of online retail is bespoke: an outfit, a car, an accessory, a piece of furniture, anything that was considered “standard” until recently will be tailor-made from now on.

After 2 years of hard work we have developed a new technology, originally conceived for the online trading but also opening new possibilities for traditional purchases. Our technology gives customers the chance to customize any part of the product, colours, text, accessories, logos or stickers, and everything else.

A new era

Until recently, the customization technology on the web just went as far as choosing the colour of the car body, interior and wheels, or the colour and logo of a t-shirt. Now your customers can personalize each defined area of your product by just clicking or tapping. Everywhere. No more long uploads, no more incompatibility, no more problems.                                 

Best configuration technology
to fit all devices


Cool features we've been working on

Define area colors

Configure any part or area of your product that needs new colours in a simple and intuitive way (such as drag&drop and touch).

Configure accessories

With a simple object management, the Online Configurator can add external accessories to the main object and create many variations of the same.

Realtime name or text

With a drag and drop technology Online Configurator can text or add names on the main object in different fonts, sizes, colours, positions.

Put brand logos

Any product can be customized with a wide selection of brand logos or other images such as user’s stickers.

Specify options

Options such as materials, fitting, installations and so on can be configured separately with different settings (combobox, checkbox, listbox…).

Custom measures

If the configuration of the main product needs measures (for example, T-shirts, racing suits or shoes) we provides an intuitive data chart to fill in.

Generate dynamic PDF

Online Configurator generates a PDF report with all the information needed about colours, accessories, options, and so on. The layout of the report can be customized according to brand preferences.

Sharing complete image

Online Configurator generates a compiled JPEG image with all selected colour levels and accessories. The final image can be shared everywhere: on social networks, documentations, orders, catalogues and so on.

Layout configuration

All the final graphic layout created with Online Configurator can be customized with brand colours, fonts, dimensions and positions.

as a tailor you can build
your product in every detail


We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Modern browser support

Developed and tested on modern browsers but also available for old browsers (for instance: Internet Explorer 8 or Windows XP)

No more Adobe Flash

Built with modern and flexible technologies like jQuery, MySQL and Microsoft Asp.NET

Full devices support

Compatible with every kind of desktop personal computer, tablet and mobile devices (Apple and Android)

Server-side processing

The final product image is processed server-side, not client-side as most configurator is doing so far

Not a service, a technology

This is an implementation technology by the server, client design can be customized and adjusted to the layout of the site

Tech support

We provide technical support on every technology devised for timeliness, professionalism and passion

One time payment

No commissions, no plans, no monly or yearly fees.
Contact us here for a quotation.


Support english, espanol, deutsch, francais, italian and any other language you want (on request).

we work at your side...for your customers

Examples of Application

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Racing suits

Any leather part or kevlar accessories could be configured


Any parts of the car could be colored and customized

Snowboard and Ski

Colors, stickers and materials could be defined online


Shoes is one of the best application of configuration technology with colors, materials, accesories and measures

T-shirts & jackets

Personalized shirts or jackets could be ordered realtime


Modern ord old style furnishing could be defined by measures, colors, materials and finiture

Helmets and gloves

Riding accesories could be personalized with name, logos and materials

Bikes & motorcycles

Many part of bikes or motorcycles could be configured with materials, accesories and options

Watches and Jewellery

Any little part of luxury accesories could be defined and ordered

...your imagination

Our technology could be at your service, build on your needs

Benefits for your customers

Give your customers a better buying experience


Enhance customer experience


Speed up the buying process


Differentiate your brand


Reduce quotation errors

Configure your world

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